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Kyle Barnett - Mister Pin-up

Kyle was a long-time comic fan and talented artist when he was invited to join the With Pen and Brush Studio in 2015. He attended a number of conventions as part of the studio which strengthened his passion for comics and superheroes of all genres. 

Kyle was happy to be part of the group that started TriCity Studio.

Jason Ward - The Chibi Guru

Jason joined With Pen And Brush Studio in 2016 and immediately became one of the most involved artists at the studio. Jason's specialty is creating cute, Chibi and Kawaii art. He has spent all his life drawing and after finding his passion for the art style he continues to sharpen his skills in the pursuit to put smiles on peoples faces of all ages.

In 2017, Jason moved to K-W and was the main orchestrator behind the creation of TriCity Studio.  As a freelance artist with the studio, Jason continues to dabble in a variety of projects and collaborations and it doesn't look like he's going slow down any time soon.

Stephan Petersen - The Ink Master

Stephan Petersen is a native of Kitchener, Ontario and a graduate of the Comic Design and Scripting Program at Mohawk College. Stephan also attended Sheridan Tech and the University of Waterloo for Arts related programs but always found his true passion to be in comics.

While still attending University, Stephan was hired by Flying Saucer Productions to do the artwork for "Paroxysms of Caesars". He worked with Flying Saucer for a little over a year before pursuing other opportunities. 

Stephan has worked in various roles including a brief stint with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. He has done everything from web graphics to animation assets, comic illustrations, media manipulation and continues to work as a storyboard artist for Arc Media. In 2015, he joined "With Pen and Brush Studios" and attended numerous conventions as part of the group. 

Stephan is currently working on a number of projects including "Helz' Diner", "Project IMPACT" and his own title, "Perfidy".

Eugene Betivu

Eugene was always a big fan of comic books. His passion led him to becoming an artist for many years. To this day, he continues to work as a colourist and does most of the colouring for TriCity Studio. Like the others, he joined With Pen and Brush Studio in 2016 and is proud to be a member of the TriCity team.

Eugene has published books available in both the USA and Romania however, he continues live and work from Europe. 

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